Financial Planning Techniques

You probably came to Financial Planning Techniques for one of four reasons:

1. To take control of your finances.

2. To learn how to invest in this strange new economy.

3. To protect your wealth during these uncertain economic times.

4. To generate additional income.

Knowledge is power!

This statement is never truer than with personal financial planning techniques—especially in today’s volatile financial markets.

Education is the key to help you become financially successful. It is also critical to protecting your wealth. This website explores the following topics and how they relate to creating a solid financial future:

Economics – Important basics on the U.S. and world economy.

Government – How and why monetary policies are determined.

History – Knowledge of history is critical for future financial decisions.

Philosophy – Sound and unsound economic and monetary philosophies.

This tapestry of knowledge is critical to help you understand why things are the way they are and what your financial options are.

With this knowledge, you will be better prepared to navigate through these treacherous economic waters.

The proper knowledge is a great start. However, the proper skills are also required to make wise financial decisions. These abilities are:

Critical Thinking, Problem solving and Decision Making Skills
The sister site: Problem Solving Techniques has been created to help you with these skills.

Purpose and Goal
The purpose of Financial Planning Techniques is to educate and help you become financially knowledgeable on a wide array of important topics. There are excellent tools, techniques and resources to help you learn, grow and expand your financial IQ.

The economic world has drastically changed in the past several years and is changing at an accelerating rate. Investing and income prospects are becoming more difficult and confusing all the time.

But with change, comes opportunities!

This website has been designed to help you sift thought the massive amounts of information, misinformation and resources to mine for the golden nuggets that will help you make intelligent financial decisions.

It also helps you strip through the myths, mystiques and exposes the charlatans of investing and replaces them with logic and common sense.

In other words, the goal of this website is to encourage you to be proactive with your finances.

Choosing to improve your financial skills increases your confidence in addressing every day and long term monetary challenges. This increase in confidence is the key that unlocks a life with rich rewards and more control of the outcomes.

Make no mistake about it, this job isn't easy! And, everyone will not succeed. However, being a prepared student provides you with a dramatic advantage over those who are unprepared.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" - Benjamin Franklin

Your Financial Future
Only you have control of your financial future. This website strives to provide you with potent information. However you must make your own decisions depending on your personal needs and wants.

There is no guaranteed success, but with proper preparation and skills you are much more likely to succeed.

You are encouraged to become a student of finance, to use this site to research and study as much as you can on the sometimes fascinating and frequently frustrating subject of finance.

There are many great books, resources and videos to help you on your journey. Recommendations are provided throughout this website to help guide you.

Also, having a curious and open mind is a powerful mindset for gaining financial knowledge.

Doing one’s own research is rewarding. If you discover some great resources for financial planning techniques please share them with me. You can contact me on my Contact Page.

Like anything worthwhile, this website will continue to grow and provide more and more useful information and resources.

Enjoy your visit to Financial Planning Techniques and come back often!

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Wealth Preservation
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Gold Resources
There are many excellent silver and gold resources spiced throughout Financial Planning Techniques. This page is provided to collect the key resources in one convenient place.
Best Internet Home Business
The best internet home business in my humble opinion is Site Build It (SBI). This page is a testimonial, and a recommendation for Site Build It products.
Investing in Collectables
Investing in Collectables can be fun. Hobbies are fun, relaxing and provide many hours of engaging entertainment. Collectable hobbies can also be a hidden source of income.
Basics of Money
The basics of money explains money creation, evolution, currency debasement and the ravages of inflation and hyperinflation
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How currencies are debased provides a lens to see what the future may hold for many of the world’s fiat currencies.
Effects of Inflation
The effects of inflation are the erosion of the purchasing power of money. It is a stealth destroyer of wealth.
Fiat Currencies and Hyperinflation
Fiat currencies and hyperinflation are closely related by cause and effect. A fiat currency that is backed only by government decree creates a great temtation to spend wildly.
Whats wrong with Deflation
Whats wrong with deflation? When goods and services are deflated, everything is cheaper. You get more for your dollars. What could be wrong with that? There are some compelling arguments both ways—
Bad Monetary Policy
Bad monetary policy has caused many of the economic problems here in the United States and around the world. This section provides historical examples of the effects of bad monetary policy.
Check Your Premises
Check your premises is a subtheme in the Ayn Rand book: Atlas Shrugged. It means that if you are dealing with a contradiction, then one of your beliefs may be false.
Fiat Currency Failures
Fiat currency failures are common. Government’s power to print unlimited sums of money creates the danger of fiat currency failures.
United States Currency Devaluations
There have been many United States currency devaluations throughout the past 235 years. To understand what can happen in the future economically it is worthwhile to take a trip to the past.
The Inflation Tax
The inflation tax is real, and it is insidious. A common misconception is that inflation is an increase in prices. It is not. Inflation is the increase of the money supply.
Inflation and Stagflation
Inflation and stagflation were significantly damaging to the economy and to money’s purchasing power from 1970 to 1982. During the late 70s to the early 1980s the nation experienced stagflation.
Not Worth a Continental
The saying: “ Not worth a Continental ”has its roots at the start of this great nation. Wars are rarely funded out of the existing treasury, nor are they financed from excessive taxes. The massive
It Cant Happen Here
Many people believe that it cant happen here. What they are saying is that they believe that the United States can not fail economically.
Currency Redenomination
Currency redenomination occurs when a government uses a single currency unit to replace a fixed number of old units (usually a positive integer). hese numbers can be as high as 10, 100, 1000 (or more)
Federal Reserve Creature
The Federal Reserve Creature is diabolical and insidious. It started with a secret meeting at Jekyll Island in 1910, was enacted in 1913 and has caused havoc and problems in the U.S. ever since.
Economic Resources
There are many excellent economic resources spiced throughout financial planning techniques. A basic understanding of economics will help you with important financial decisions.
Personal Finance
Personal finance basics are the core of a strong financial plan. They are as follows: pay yourself first,setup strong financial planning, live below your means and more
Financial Planning
Sound financial planning takes several steps. This page covers the high level steps to accomplishing this task.
Net Worth
Determining your net worth is the second step to sound financial planning. It helps you understand where you are financially starting from so you can move towards achieving your financial goals.
Income and Expenses
Determining your monthly income and expenses is the first step in establishing strong financial planning. With a firm knowledge of your income and what you spend helps you move forward in
Financial Goals
What are your financial goals? This section is designed to help you to start mapping out your goals. This is the third step and another critical element in Sound Financial Planning.
Financial Planning Resources
There are many financial planning resources spiced throughout Financial Planning Techniques. This page is provided to collect the key resources so they are in one convenient place.
Site Map
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