Best Internet Home Business

The best internet home business in my humble opinion is Site Build It (SBI).

I have been using SBI to build my websites (including this one) for three years as of January 2012.

The experience has been very positive and I have learned a great deal on this journey.

This page is a testimonial, and a recommendation for Site Build It products.

Background - Best Internet Home Business
I started on the web around 2001 or 2002. My first site was built with Microsoft Front Page® software. It was called

It was a lot of fun to build, but I made no money, and I didn’t know how to. Like a lot of people, I thought that people would come to me for my expertise.

However, people did not visit my site just because it was there. And, I had nothing to generate income on my site.

A few years later I had a webmaster recreate my website using Dreamweaver® software. She did a great job on making the site look excellent. She also hooked me up with free traffic checker.

Afterwards I took over the site and continued to update it myself. The site rarely received more than 20-30 page hits a day for years. And I did not know how to improve that.

Like many people, I thought putting up a well designed web site was good enough. That isn’t true. One must have targeted traffic to be successful on the web.

At one point I remember thinking I was going to try and get up to 100 page hits a day and eek out some small income out of there. I read web articles on improving web traffic and generating web income.

There was so much information; it was confusing on which way to go. My only attempt to make money was to became an amazonassociates member and link to a few books. That never generated a check.

I didn’t pay much attention to the site for months at times. I got involved in other ventures (writing books etc).

Finally, I decided to get more serious and strive to generate traffic and income (they go hand in hand). I purchased several hundred dollars of software and read all I could from the seller.

The material made sense. However, I couldn’t see it generating a decent income without massive amounts of work (that did not provide a clear path to success).

The Discovery of Site Build It - Best Internet Home Business
Then, one day in January of 2009 I stumbled across Site Build It (SBI).

I spent about 3 hours researching their material on the same day I discovered Site Build It. It looked to have everything I was looking for to build powerful websites.

The killer convincing argument was that 35% of the Site Build It sites were in the top 1% of all the internet sites on the Web (according to Alexa - a traffic rating agency). That sealed the deal for me.

I rarely make a decision this fast when it comes to an investment of time and money like this. However, I was ready for a significant change in how to create a website that would make money.

The day I discovered SBI, I purchased their product. The next day I spent 17 hours consuming SBI information on how to build websites.

I continued to consume information and began to build my first website with SBI which is Problem Solving Techniques. And as they say, the rest is history!

SBI Benefits - Best Internet Home Business
Site Build It has their act together and provides the critical tools, techniques, and information to be successful at starting an online business. Here is a short list of what you get.

CTPM – This is the core of what SBI is all about.

1st Build strong Content.
2nd Acquire Targeted Traffic (without traffic you will not be successful on the web—no matter how good looking your site is).
3rd Pre-sell your customers.
4th Finally, you are ready Monetize your site.

This simple formula for building the best internet home business made perfect sense to me.

The Action Guide - This incredible guide is a step by step process to build your website and gives it the greatest opportunity of being successful. It essentially walks you through the CTPM process.

Brainstormer This helps you define keywords that will help you get targeted traffic.

Block Build It – The Block Build it is a powerful way to construct a web site. However, if you know html, and would rather have more control of the look and feel of your site, you can upload your own code.

A great back office – Site Build It manages your presence on the web. It helps you get noticed. This is critical.

Great support - Site Build It supports its customers on everyday issues.

Excellent coaching for a reasonable price - I have used SBI paid coaching several times and have been very pleased with the results.

Site Build IT forums – You can connect with other members of the SBI community and exchange ideas.

There are many more resources, data and tools available on Site Build It to help you be successful.

This is a Serious Business - Best Internet Home Business
Make no mistake about it; if you want to be successful on the web using SBI you will supply a great deal of time, energy and focus.

SBI provides the tools, you provide the fuel. Many people using SBI are successful and have an excellent part time income (myself included). Some people are able to quit their day job and work full time at their internet business.

This isn’t easy. And to build a business with SBI takes some serious time. However, watching your traffic and income grow along with your knowledge about the wonderful world of the web is an absolute blast!

Site Build It is a great enabler. It is the best software and support that I have ever seen for creating a strong web presence. It is fantastic for newbie’s and even experience web designers.

Could you find the information found in SBI in other places on the web?
Best Internet Home Business
Yes, but you would probably have to read five to ten times the amount of information to get the condensed version of what you find in Site Build It.

SBI provides a great deal of information. It is clear, concise and excellent. Beyond that, SBIs management of your presence on the web is extremely important to your success.

Success Story - Best Internet Home Business
As of January of 2012 my two top sites:

Problem Solving Techniques and Inexpensive Vacation Ideas get over 86,000 page hits a month—and are still growing.

Site Build It has been awesome at helping me get to this level of traffic. My income is good each month and improving.

Financial Planning Techniques is the 6th site I have built with Solo Build It and I am extremely pleased. If you put in the work, Solo Build It helps enable your success.

I published the first page of Financial Planning Techniques on January 1st 2012. A lot of work has been put into this site and it is paying off.

Alexa is one of the top website traffic rating tools. Alexa only rates websites that have an Alexa tool on them (and thus are only an indicator of website ranking that are over 100,000—below 100,000 they are relatively accurate).

According to recent data there are over 170 million active website currently (and growing). Below is the Alexa Traffic Ranking for Financial Planning Techniques. Not bad!

Final Thoughts - Best Internet Home Business
Whatever software you go with to build a website, make sure you are able to generate targeted traffic. A great looking website in the middle of the internet desert does you no good.

See Small Business Internet Company for some key ideas to build a powerful website.

Financial Planning Techniques was built using Solo Build It!
Do you have an interest in starting your own online Business?

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