Buying Gold Coins

There are many great options when buying gold coins. Some of the most popular ways are:

Gold Coins
There are many different types of 1 troy oz gold bullion coins that that are highly desirable to own. The primary ones are:

• American Eagles
• Canadian Maple Leafs
• South African Krugerrands
• Australian Kangaroos
• Austrian Philharmonics
• China Panda

Many of these coins also come in lower denominations such as half ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce.

Gold Eagle

More Choices
When buying gold coins there are good choices in non-standard weights. Some of the popular ones are: :

• British Sovereigns (.235 troy ounces pure gold)
• Austrian 100 coronas (.9802 troy ounces pure gold)
• Mexican 50 peso (1.206 troy ounces pure gold)

Stay away from numismatic coins.
Some dealers will try to pressure their customers into buying numismatic coins for investments. A numismatic coin is a collector coin that has a value in significant excess of the base metal.

You will pay a high premium that you may never get back. Dealers make a higher profit on numismatic coins.

When you decide to sell your numismatic coins you are at the mercy of the current desirability of the coins. You might make a profit, but you might not.

For Information Only:
All precious metals are measured in troy ounces. A troy ounce is a weight measurement in the metric measurement system. A troy ounce equals 1.097 ounces in the English measurement system.

Final Thoughts
If you are just getting started in gold coins than it makes sense to stick with the tried and true. The safest method is to purchase the gold bullion coins noted above.

Once you become knowledgeable on the different types of gold bullion coins you can pick and choose the type and denominations of gold to meet your needs.

For another excellent option to purchase precious metals see: Buying Silver Coins.

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