About Chuck Clayton

Hello! My name is Chuck Clayton and I created and maintain the website: Financial-Planning-Techniques.

My parents were excellent role models. They always stressed the importance of a good education, were well read and taught me great values including respect of self and of others. Both were financially frugal and wise.

My undergraduate education was in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University in Houghton Michigan. My MBA is from Pepperdine University in Malibu California.

My professional experience has been as a senior mechanical engineer, systems engineer, six sigma expert, quality engineer and more. Other experiences include owning several small businesses.

I have always been strongly interested in personal finances. I have worked in the financial industry for a time.

Putting it all Together
My schooling taught me tools, techniques and equations to solve problems. More important it molded my mind to think through problems that I had never seen before, but which needed logical and rational answers.

These critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills have served me well through the years and have been enhanced significantly by my work experience.

Engineering, business and finance all require strong critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. These skills were also taught heavily in the Universities I attended.

Why I Created Financial Planning Techniques – Chuck Clayton
Today it is not good enough to just understand your investment options and financial planning tools. It is a tough financial environment, and getting tougher by the year.

My purpose with this website it to provide you with solid financial planning techniques and tools as the site name implies.

Beyond that, you will learn how economic and political conditions affect the financial markets and money. History lessons provide insight into what the future may bring. Philosophy of sound money management puts spice into the website.

To strengthen your financial planning abilities, this site encourages critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills to navigate through the tough financial waters that exist today. To learn these important skills please see my sister site: Problem Solving Techniques for more information.

My Hobbies – Chuck Clayton
My primary hobbies include Argentine Tango, keeping in shape, traveling, studying the lessons of the early US Space Program ….and always learning. A curious mind is a tough thing to keep satisfied.

I have always been curious and when my curiosity it isn’t getting me into a bit of hot water it has driven me to understand the inner working of things.

I encourage you to explore this entire website and free your own curiosity so you can learn effective financial planning techniques.

Best of Luck for much financial planning success!
~ Chuck Clayton

Chuck with Alan Bean

Chuck with Alan Bean Apollo 12 Moonwalker

Dancing Tango in Tucson

Dancing Tango in Tucson

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