Debt Relief

The best way to get debt relief is to take charge of it yourself.

There are excellent resources to teach you what you need to know.

They will help you take an aggressive approach to eliminating your debt.

It takes time, dedication and a willingness to change.

However, the rewards of taking command of your debt are numerous.

• A personal financial plan is empowering.
• You will spend less on interest payments.
• You will have more money to save and invest.
• You will have reduced financial pressures.
• You will have less financial uncertainty and stress.

Education is the Key
There are a lot of scams and questionable practices from companies that advertise debt relief services. Be careful of these wolves in sheep’s clothing. Many of these companies will use debt consolidation loans with lower monthly payments that seem enticing.

However, there are many ways to adjust the payment period, interest rates that fluctuate or balloon, penalties and a laundry list of other things that can confuse even the most astute person.

Your best defense is education and taking command of your own financial future. Leaning the basics doesn’t cost a lot in money—and can save you a tremendous amount. When done effectively, the money you invest will be paid back several times over.

Debt Relief Resources
There are many people who teach financial planning and debt reduction. One of the top experts is David Ramsey.

Ramsey is a radio host and highly praised author. His no nonsense approach to financial well being is worth investing some time learning. Ramsey’s flagship book is called The Total Money Makeover. This book is a New York Times Bestseller—and for good reason. You can also get this material in an Abridged Audio CD. And…to help reinforce his financial planning ideas Ramsey has a workbook.

The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness—Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey uses seven easily organized steps to lead people out of debt, into wealth and a total money makeover. It is designed for people regardless of age or income. It takes time and commitment to control your finances, but is well worth the effort.

The Total Money Makeover—Dave Ramsey Abridged Audiobook CD
If your time is limited, but you can listen to the material in your car or at home, consider this abridged audiobook CD of the Total Money Makeover.

The Total Money Makeover Workbook—Dave Ramsey
This interactive workbook provides thought-provoking questionnaires and advice to educate. It is a great way to reinforce and ingrain money makeover ideas into your psyche.

Financial Planning Software
There is some excellent financial planning software programs to help you with your personal finances. The money spent for this software is well invested—when used properly.

The two software packages noted below are the most popular ones. The choice of which ones depends on your needs, financial goals and how comfortable and confident you feel about the software.

You Need a Budget
This is excellent software for taking control of your finances thru effective budgeting. It teaches how to get out of debt, save money and sleep better at night. The basics of finance are a critical starting point for your financial future. Having control of your finances provides peace of mind.

Quicken is another great piece of software to help you simplify, organize, invest, set goals and take overall control of your finances. Quicken helps you set up a realistic budget based on your past spending, and then helps you track your progress. Quicken has software for home and business.

Final Thoughts
In summary, debt relief is best accomplished when you take charge of it yourself. There are too many con games that can cost you great sums of money and then put you worse off financially then you were before.

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