Silver and Gold Resources

There are many excellent silver and gold resources spiced throughout Financial Planning Techniques. This page is provided to collect the key resources in one convenient place.

Websites – Silver and Gold Resources
This is an exceptional site that gives expert advice on how to employ gold and silver for wealth preservation. They have a professional and knowledgeable staff. It is owned and operated by Mike Maloney. Also, see the book that Maloney wrote on Investing in Gold and Silver and the video below.

Those who purchase precious metals from receive a private newsletter/videos and have access to special information on their website.

The 10 Commandments of Gold and Silver Buying
This is an excellent website that provides common sense ideas for purchasing gold and silver for wealth preservation.

Gold and Economic Freedom – Alan Greenspan
The famous Fed chairman wrote this powerful article on the importance of a commodity backed system in 1967—long before he became Fed chairman. A great read!

Utah Legalizes use of Gold, Silver as Currency
This is an interesting article about Utah becoming the first state to allow gold and silver as an alternate currency. Idaho, Minnesota and North Carolina and at least nine other states have similar bills.

Books - Silver and Gold Resources

Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver: Protect Your Financial Future -- Michael Maloney
This book doesn’t just go into how to invest in gold and silver. It explains why these precious metals have been used for Wealth Management for thousands of years.

Investing in gold and silver educates why the current monetary system is so weak due to fiat currencies that are getting weaker by the year.

The book also explains why the best way to protect your Net Worth is to have some of your assets in Gold and Silver.
This book “Knocks it out of the park!”

The Definitive Guide to Storing Gold and Silver: Must Know Secrets to Insuring The Safety of your Metals and Yourself – Doyle Shuler
If you are going to own precious metals it makes sense to store them properly.

This book covers well thought out diversified and smart plans for storing your gold and silver.

It is a must read book for all owners of gold and silver.

A great video about the importance of Gold and Silver!

Final Thoughts
These books and websites are excellent gold and silver resources. Continue your education by visiting resources referenced within this material.

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