Investment Tools

The following investment tools are some of the more popular ones in the market place today.

As with anything, check out each tool thoroughly (to ensure they align with your objectives) before putting your money into the venture.

The CANSLIM Philosophy
The William O’Neil developed a method of analyzing stocks to make sound investment decisions.

Although this is a philosophy, it is really a powerful tool when used properly.

O'Neil developed a mnemonic of the investment tool for investing in stocks. This mnemonic stands for the following fundamental side of investing in stocks:

C stands for Current quarterly earnings.
A is for Annual earnings
N stands for New product, service or management
S is for Supply and demand.
L stands for Leader or Laggard?
I is for Institutional sponsorship
M stands for Market direction

Once the analysis has been completed on determining which the best stocks are; O’Neil then shows how to use the technical side of investing to select the ideal time to purchase a stock. He uses chart reading to do this.

O’Neils Investment philosophy is taught in his books, Investors Business Daily Newspaper and on his website. See Investing in Stocks to learn more.

VectorVest -- A Stock Analysis Software Investment Tool
VectorVest provides excellent educational tools to train people as better investors. It has tutorial CDs, webinars and VectorVest University with a wide range of introductory to advanced courses.

VectorVest combines the power of fundamental valuation with the insight of technical analysis to create their stock analysis software.

VestorVest 7 U.S. comes in three formats. End of day, IntraDay and RealTIme. It analyzes, sorts, ranks and graphs of over 8,300 stocks using 41 parameters. VectorVest also provides buy, sell and hold recommendations on every stock.

Gorilla Trades
GorillaTrades works with unique stocks that flash a set of unique technical signals before surging into a new trading range. The GorillaTrades stock scanning data center identifies ideal investment opportunities, and also calibrates recommended investing guidelines based on each stocks trading characteristics.

Retirement Calculators
There are many retirement calculators on the market today. It can get confusing quickly on which one to use. My personal favorite is the retirement calculator from MSN money.

A Word of caution! Be careful what you determine inflation over the period of your retirement. There are strong indications that we are heading towards hyperinflation which will cause the Inflation Tax to increase dramatically.

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